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The PencilWorks Team, December 4 2018

Startup Guide: New York

PencilWorks Featured in Startup Guide: New York

Want to launch a startup in NYC? Grab a copy of the new Startup Guide New York. Filled with case studies, expert advice, insights, interviews, local tips and useful addresses, the new book and website is critical reading for anyone interested in starting a business in the Big Apple. Housing over 100 small businesses and startups in our building, PencilWorks was featured as one of the key places to run a business in the NYC area. We’re thrilled that we were acknowledged for the great work that is being done within our walls.

“Startup Life”, a misnomer for “small business”, is how more and more people will be operating in the 21st century. Living in an age of exponential information, we at PencilWorks believe it’s essential for business owners and employees to be attuned to the rapidly changing ecosystem.

Last night we attended the book launch of Startup Guide NY at the SAP headquarters in Manhattan. A few of featured business owners got to speak about their experience in NYC and how they built their businesses here.  

“Startup Guide New York gives a huge spotlight to NYC’s booming tech and startup scene,” said Sean Ludwig, a writer and editor who worked on the book. “It shows off how diverse our city is, both in terms of founder backgrounds and types of companies here. I’m thrilled the book is finally out and that everyone can read it."  

More than half of the founders featured in the book are women. A first for the startup scene in NYC, this is indicative of the changing demographic in small business. The Startup Guide New York can be purchased here

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The PencilWorks Team

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